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    How to Install Addons
    This is a direct copy of the thread made by "deaftomatic" at the official forums

    MissionControl is an external application (not an Addon) that installs Addons for you.

    1-go to https://forums.wildstar-online.com/forums/index.php?/topic/4500-tool-missioncontrol/

    2-Download the attached MissionControl.zip file.

    3- Extract the MissionControl.zip file anywhere on your computer, producing MissionControl.exe.

    4- Double-click on MissionControl.exe. A window should appear.

    5- Download an Addon, which will be a .zip file. Addons are released as individual threads on this forum, and there is also a listing here.

    6- Find the .zip you just downloaded, and drag it onto the MissionControl window.

    7- Restart WildStar, or Reload UI (see tips below).
    Manual Installation
    Installing the Addon

    An Addon consists of a folder full of files. The .zip files you download from the forums each contain a single folder that is the Addon.

    To install, download the .zip file and extract it to this location:


    If the Addons folder does not exist within the WildStar folder, simply create it by hand. You can do this by right-clicking in the WildStar folder (not on a file) and clicking on New -> Folder. Name the new folder "Addons".

    Finding %APPDATA%

    WildStar looks in a specific folder on your computer for installed Addons. The location of this folder is determined by the APPDATA environment variable. That means it can be different for every person. Here are a couple of ways to find your APPDATA folder:

    1. Open Windows Explorer. This is the Windows file browser (no, not Internet Explorer...). To open it, click the Start button, then click on any one of "Computer", "My Computer", "Documents", etc etc etc. Next, locate the text field at the top of the window that contains the current folder path. In that text box, type "%APPDATA%" without the quotes and press Enter.

    2. Type "cmd" into the Start menu search box (Windows 7), or go to Start -> Run... and type "cmd" (Windows XP). When the command prompt appears, type "echo %APPDATA%" without the quotes and press Enter. The path to APPDATA should be printed to the terminal window.

    Note that your computer may not have the APPDATA environment variable set, or it could be pointing to the wrong place (although that would be weird and you should probably get that checked out). If both of the above steps don't work for you, here is the typical location of APPDATA:

    C:\Users\Your Username Here\AppData\Roaming

    Replace "C" with your system drive if you installed Windows on a drive other than C. Replace "Your Username Here" with the name you use to log in to Windows.

    Lastly, the AppData folder is hidden by default. To see it, from Windows Explorer, go to Organize -> Folder and Search Options -> View and click on the radio button labeled "Show hidden files, folders, and drives" (Windows 7).

    Extra Tips
    To see which Addons are installed in-game, open the Esc menu (by pressing Esc until it appears), click Options, then click Addons.

    From the same menu, there is a big "Reload UI" button in the bottom-right. This button terminates all Addons and then reloads them from scratch, as if you had exited and restarted WildStar. Do this if you encounter an error, or if you notice your game is running slower and slower over time (memory leak).

    User-installed Addons are not loaded by WildStar until you are in-game. Wait until you have logged in and joined a server before looking at the Addons list. It will be empty until then, and that's normal.

    Not all Addons will do anything when you first install them. Check the instructions for each Addon to see if you need to enter a slash command, or if the Addon is triggered by some event (such as entering combat).

    Before posting the addons, please note that some addons might not be updated to the current version of the Beta. If so, they will not load automatically after install.
    To get unupdated addons running: after logging in to a character go to your Addon menu, select the unloaded addon, open it's settings and check the bottom checkbox that will allow you to load addons that are not updated for the current version.

    Current Beta state has some bugs on nameplates / overhead bars. Some alternatives have surfaced to help with that:
    A clean, streamlined replacement for the stock WildStar nameplates.

    Official link:
    CombatPlates is, like BijiPlates, another variant on stock nameplate logic. In this case, where BijiPlates separates health and shield into two separate bars, CombatPlates preserves the health|shield combined bar WildStar uses everywhere else, and collects as much combat information as possible right into the nameplates.

    Official Link:
    Harvest Plates
    HarvestPlates provides nameplate-like displays above harvestable nodes, showing the name, tradeskill and tier required to harvest.

    Official link:

    UI Customization
    [WARNING: This addon has not been updated for CBT4. Expect it to break.]

    HUDControl allows you to turn various bits of the stock UI on and off, as well as to reposition them. Useful for customizing your UI in ways beyond what the stock UI allows!

    Official link: https://forums.wildstar-online.com/forums/index.php?/topic/6334-addon-hudcontrol-v10/
    GJMovableFrames lets you move and resize certain portions of the standard game UI.

    Official link:
    SprintMeterBuddy replaces the stock Carbine sprint meter with a moveable, customizable bar showing your endurance.

    Official link:
    Stalker Resource System
    An improvement to the Stalker suit power bar, with customizable appearance and behavior.

    Official link:
    A simple addon which will display a customizable grid of lines across your screen, giving a quick reference to position your various windows pixel-perfect.

    Official link:
    AngryBars adds a small, moveable action bar that only appears in combat, meant to drag consumable items onto. The AngryBar uses the (otherwise unused) action bar slots 37-41; you can bind hotkeys to those action bar slots in the WildStar settings in order to add hotkeys to the slots on the AngryBar.

    Official link:
    CBR allows you to customize the castbar in various ways, including moving the cast bar around the screen, turning off buff/debuff displays (if you are using Puffin), and so on.

    official link:
    Puffin provides a clean visual representation of buffs, debuffs and cooldowns on either the player or specified targets. Best used in conjunction with the CastBarRelocated addon, in order to disable the normal buff/debuff display.

    official link:

    Deadlock Extended
    'Deadlock Extended' is a modified version of the original 'Deadlock' by matteekay.

    Deadlock is an addon that acts as the mouse-lock interface. When running, it listens for specific events to bring the camera in and out of lock mode and offers options that allow you to play the way you want to play. Yep, I went there. The addon looks like this:

    The “Lock” button engages camera lock and Escape returns your pointer. The Options panel is open on this screenshot with default settings chosen; the full suite of options is listed below. None of these are exclusive so you can try them all out simultaneously if you like.

    Official link:
    GalaxyMeter was kind of the gold standard in DPS meters for the early CBT phases. While it hasn't been updated in a while, GalaxyMeter currently still functions properly in Winter Beta phase 1 (note: and seems to be working well at phase 2).

    Official link:

    ChatLogEX contains Dariuas' TransChat modifications (for convenience's sake), plus my own ChatLogRP modifications, PLUS the ability to drag-and-drop an item into the chat window to link it to whatever your current channel is.

    Anyone who does not have ChatLogEX running will see the item as '{@1234@}' where 1234 is the item's identifier in the database; anyone who does have ChatLogEX running will see a white, clickable version of the item. There's also a newly defined event, ChatLogEX_ItemClicked, which any other addon can register for which will let it capture the Item object representing what was just clicked on.

    This also is set up to replace not only ChatLog, but TransChat and ChatLogRP, so if you have any of them installed, they'll be properly disabled when ChatLogEX is installed.

    Official Link: https://forums.wildstar-online.com/forums/index.php?/topic/1875-addon-chatlogex-chatlog-replacement/

    I just got into beta and saw some request for something similar to WIM from the old WoW days. Well I can't seem to read my chat ever so I really needed this as well. I threw something together, it's nothing flashy. I'll keep adding features later on. If you got feedback or want features let me know.

    Official Link: https://forums.wildstar-online.com/...c/17660-addon-wim-wildstar-instant-messenger/

    Minimap & Group Helpers
    NavMate is a navigational tool that doesn't replace the stock MiniMap and ZoneMap addons. Some of the features that NavMate has to offer are:
    Waypoints - Control Right Click on the Zone Map or MiniMap to place a waypoint.
    Directional Arrow - Points in you direction you need to go to get to your waypoint. Also has distance to waypoint and an approximate ETA!
    Clock - Add a clock to your UI with 12 and 24 hour support.
    MiniMap and ZoneMap tradeskill resource display customization.

    Official Link: https://forums.wildstar-online.com/forums/index.php?/topic/12603-addon-navmate-v083/

    Wildstar has a lot of good features for soloplay that tend to "tear" a group appart (e.g challenges that start only for one person of the group).
    GroupRadar helps "getting the band back together" by showing the positions of your groupmembers.

    Official Link:

    There are more addons that might be interesting. Packetdancer has a nice thread with a listing of addons (not updated daily afaik). You can find that thread at: https://forums.wildstar-online.com/forums/index.php?/topic/7839-catalog-addons-libraries-and-tools/
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    Added more addons.
    Communication addons this time.
    More to come.
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    Two more addons - Minimap and Group helpers
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    Mission Control is great. I added the chat and the map add ons so far

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